Prefabricated granite slabs cost less than regular slabs of granite because finished bullnose edges are fabricated on the slabs at the distributor's factory which reduces or even eliminates the need for fabrication at a custom shop. Your kitchen layout will determine the need for any custom fabrication. The prefabricated slabs are 3/4” thick (2cm) and come with 1 ½” full bullnose on the front and on one or both sides. (Some colors available in 3cm). Prefabricated granite is the same natural stone as "custom slab" granite but at a much lower price!
mint/bainbrook brown
sunset gold
tiger skin yellow
tiger skin white
verde butterfly
blue butterfly 
tan brown
black galaxie
saphire brown
giallo fiorito
blue pearl
kashmir gold
santa cecilia
impala black
labrador antique
aqua verde
austral coffee
black mosaic
blue eyes
blue in the night
bordeaux classico
bianco romano
bianco torrone
brown antique
brown chocolate
coast green
coffee brown
colonial cream
colonial gold
colonial treasure
copper canyon
coral reef
delicatus splendour
desert storm
giallo firenza
giallo veneziano
giallo antico
giallo fantasy
gold and silver
golden carioca
golden cloudy
golden labareda
golden persa
golden crystal
golden oak
golden rustico
golden sun
golden taupe
green galaxie
green marinace
hurricane gold
ibere bordeaux
imperial gold
imperial juperana
ivory fantasy
ivory tusk
juparana classic
juparana persa
juparana sunset
juparana columbo
juparana rainbow
kimiya dc
lady dream
lady dream leather
lemon spice
leopard skin
mascarello light
metallica polished
metallica leather
niagara gold
nimibia gold
ouro brazil
paradiso classic
persa verde
persian pearl
piracema white
prada gold
purple dunes
sage brush
white pearl 
st.cecilia classico
seafoam pearl green
siena bordeaux
siena montana
silver galaxie
silver galaxie leather
spike black
surf green leather
terra brasilis
typhoon bordeaux
typhoon green
valley white
verde laponia
verde san francisco
tiger skin light
$57.99 sq.ft
persa caravelas
cosmic black
$61.99 sq.ft
( prices include installation. Custom fabrication and sink cut-outs extra. All colors subject to availability)
 Prefabricated Edge
    Granite Countertops
photos of prefab countertops
Available in:     eased edge                     double bullnose edge
orchid blue
platinum pearl
 Group 1    $29.99 sq.ft.
regina white
luna pearl
china green
giallo perla
gran violet
jacaranda red
navajo gold
tiger skin red
royal pearl
new tunas green
st. cecilia medium
baltic brown
 Group 4    $37.99 sq.ft.
blanco perla
daisy gold
golden corn
lila gerais
verde ubatuba
new veneziano
african dream gold
forest blue
giallo vermont
grigio champagne
phoenix yellow
giallo solarium
four seasons
ice blue
giallo ornamental
 Group 5    $38.99 sq.ft.
golden river
multicolor red
verde maritaca
raw silk
royal pink
butterfly green
amber fantasy
 Group 6    $39.99 sq.ft.
angola gold
angola silver black
azul platino
butterfly blue
carioca gold
giallo alba
giallo dune
giallo vicenza
indian green(marble)
lavander blue
merry Gold
montana green
new tropical brown
new venetian gold
 venetian gold
royal ivory
Santa Cecilia Classic
 tropical brown
 tropical green
 verde riveria
 oriental yellow
 Group 7    $41.99 sq.ft.
 Group 2    $30.99 sq.ft.
 Group 3   $33.99 sq.ft.
steel gray
african persa
chida white
peacock green
paradiso bash
new vicenza
sand cream
verde esmeralda
jerusalem gold
kashmir rose
viscount white
vyara gold
yellow tahoe
Group 8    $43.99 sq.ft.
african dream gold
cafe brazil
cream azul bahia
giallo antico
giallo california
giallo jasmine
giallo namib
gold 500
golden flake
ivory coast
juparana arandis
juparana tier ivory
juparana tier regular
kashmir bianco
madura gold
raja gold
sahara gold
solar white
white rose
Group 9    $44.99 sq.ft.
absolute black
african bordeaux
african fantasy
 african ivory
african tapestry
balmoral red
baltic green
colombo gold
golden hill
juparana loren
marron bahia
namib gold
nebson gold dark
niagara gold
Group 10    $45.99 sq.ft.
olive green
oxford gold
pine green
s.f. real
sage brush
silver cream
yellow jaguar
royal opal
golden leaf
nebiru bordeaux
wave brown
Group 11    $46.99 sq.ft.
asa branca
emerald pearl
ice blue brazil
ivory tusk
juparana bordeaux
namib fantasy
river white
verde imperial reg.
volga blue
white galaxie
nero orion
Group 12    $47.99 sq.ft.
silver sea green
verde wild sea
Group 13    $48.99 sq.ft.
austral juparana
blue oklahoma
cafe imperial
cream bordeaux
dakota mahogany
delicatus golden
giallo romano
marron bahia
urongo gold
white spring
wild west green
Group 14    $49.99 sq.ft.
bianco antico
black cosmic
golden silver
porto rosa
red dragon
Group 15   $50.99 sq.ft.
desert brown
giallo fantasy
gold macauba
golden canyon
juparana dream
Group 16    $51.99 sq.ft.
 Group 17    $52.99 sq.ft.
via lactea
white macauba
 Group 18    $53.99 sq.ft.
 Group 19    $54.99 sq.ft.
white typhoon
$61.99 sq.ft
verde bamboo
soft yellow
Pauline grey